150th year History book


As part of the William G. Hill Lodge No. 218 celebration of its 150th year Anniversary, we have a commemorative book which chronicles the history of the Lodge since its founding to the present.  It contains gleanings from the minutes of the Lodge, biographical sketches of Dr. Hill, other notable Lodge members, the influence on the formation of NCSU, and a roster of all known members who have joined the Lodge since its formation.

History of William G. Hill Lodge No. 218 Raleigh, North Carolina 1864-2014

This book will be a keep-sake reference for those who desire a deeper knowledge of the Lodge, its proceedings, the personalities of the members, and the contributions the Lodge has made to the Raleigh community and to North Carolina Masonry.


WB. Harman presents history book


What Some Are Saying:  

“A literary masterpiece”…”The most definitive reference on Masonic Lodge history I have ever seen”-The Author

“A ‘must-have’ for the serious student of Raleigh history, genealogist, existing Lodge member, or descendants of former Lodge members….a most enjoyable read for all.”-The Author


Publication orders available !!

Order your copy now of the 150th Anniversary edition of the book, “History of William G. Hill Lodge No. 218, 1864-2014


Grand Master with WGH History Book


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