1st Annual Table Lodge


Civilized people all over the world enjoy and promote family feasts: Christmas and New Year, 4th of july, Thanksgiving Day. Such gatherings are more than mere opportunities to eat: they are spiritual solidification’s of family ties, opportunities for mutual exploring, a means by which the family becomes more closely knit.

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Alcoholic beverages did contribute to the festivities of the Table Lodge in former times. Wine or Sஃ Pஃ was the libation, but that was changed when the 18th Amendment was adopted, so The Craft would conform to the law. Although the 18th Amendment was repealed, Freemasonry did not change; Mainly out of respect for the Brethren who practiced abstinence. Today, non-alcoholic wine, fruit juices and punches are used for the Toasts. Actually, it is not what the cannon contains, but the profound idea it inculcates.


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The Table Lodge is a heritage of our past, which should be revived. It has been stated that “the Table Lodge is the summary of Masonic doctrine”. It strengthens the devotion that Masons should all posses for the Lodge and their Country. It puts forth reverence for Divinity and moral law, and increases the unity and fellowship of the Craft.


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